Do Your Players Know What You Want & Expect?

coaches players Jul 17, 2023

Push high standards in practice

Agree BEFORE the exercise (or game) starts what it will look like.

  • What will unacceptable look like?
  • What will exceptional look like? 

Often, what you see in your head as the coach will not be the same as what the players are seeing or hearing. That's why it is so important to agree in advance on expectations, so that you have clarity. Everyone can then aim for exceptional and hold each other accountable.

When the level or standard drops, you and the players have to recognize it and communicate to immediately bring it back up. Do not allow poor standards to go on for minutes or worse, long periods of the session.

If you and the players collectively work together and address it every time the level drops below an acceptable standard, very quickly you’ll develop a culture within the team that allows everyone to maintain a very high standard, consistently. This will push improvement and development through the roof.

Be clear and agree on expectations BEFORE you start. You'll be amazed at how effective this is.


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