Why Intensity Will Transform Your Team

coaches players Jul 10, 2023

There is one thing that I urge you to develop and be VERY strict with your players about...

What is it? Intensity.

That doesn't mean training has to constantly move at the speed of light; there are times when slowing the game down makes sense, so encourage your players to develop that understanding.

By intensity, I mean complete focus, discipline and dedication to the task at hand; doing it with 100% effort. This takes time to develop both individually and collectively as a group but it is something that you must place a focus on if you want your players to develop optimally.

Player numbers may change.

Field space may change.

Training session duration may change.

But intensity does not change.

That is a constant.

Developing this is about being relentless as a coach and not allowing the intensity to drop for a minute; that’s a mindset, a behavior and it will create an environment that sets you apart from others.

Place a genuine focus on developing and maintaining a high level of intensity.

Talk to and work with your players to establish clear guidelines and expectations; you can then manage this together so that the intensity literally never drops for more than a moment before the players or you, the coach, address it and get back to baseline.

Set the tone in your next training session.


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