Help Your Kid Find The Right Team For Their Level

Oct 16, 2023

Choose what's best for THEM, not YOU

Your goal should be to help your kid find a team that’s right for their ability level, instead of pushing them to be on a team that you want to be their level.

If you push them onto a team that’s not right for their current ability, can better players help them improve? Potentially yes, but being on a team where they’re at the lower end of the ability level is a curse for almost every kid I’ve seen. Why? They don’t get enough playing time and they don’t get the respect of the other kids.

Over time, that’s not beneficial for anyone.

They'll grow more in an environment with kids of a similar level 

It doesn't matter how much YOU want your kid to be a great player or be on a great team. What matters is the level they are currently at; quite simply, they need to be around kids of a similar level.

If they're playing with and against kids who are much better than them, they won't get the ball enough and they won't be able to express themselves. This obviously has a negative impact on their development.

Do the right thing

Help your kid find a team that’s right for their ability and level of commitment. They’ll thank you in the long run.

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