You Need To Spend More Time With The Ball

coaches parents players Sep 25, 2023

More time with the ball equals more comfort with the ball

I was watching a training session the other night with two teams of the same age group but different levels and one thing really stuck out. It was the physical fluency and capabilities with the ball at their feet for the higher level team. 

The players looked so comfortable and moved fluidly whereas for the lower level team, every player with no exceptions looked like they were fighting to control their body and control the ball. It just looked robotic, unbalanced and unnatural.

If you want to catch up, time investment is crucial

The only way to catch up and become more comfortable is to spend more time with the ball. There's no secret to it. Use a ball and a wall or work with a parent/friend. Ball control and comfort is a direct result of time investment, so if you REALLY want to improve and become more comfortable with the ball, you'll put the time in.

Seeing this training session reminded me how important individual time with the ball is. 

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