Why Toughness Is Mental, Not Physical

coaches players Aug 14, 2023

Being 'tough' is not about being physically strong.

Of course, it helps to be strong physically, nobody is going to deny that. However, being 'tough' in sport is more of a mental attitude than a physical talent.

Work with your players to develop their mental toughness.

  • When things go wrong or when you lose a game, how do your players react?
  • Do they drop their heads and feel sorry for themselves?
  • Or do they see the loss or difficult moment as a chance to improve and grow?

The latter is what you want to encourage.

If you can help your players develop mental toughness, being able to deal with adversity and difficult situations by maintaining a positive mindset, this will help them to overcome any physical challenge they face.

Focus on the mental aspect more than the physical one.


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